Case Story Jonathon

Jonathon was a young man in year 7 he had just started secondary school and was having difficulties

keeping up in class with his work. He had difficulties with English since Primary school, but no-one had really addressed these difficulties.

It was not until Jonathon got into secondary school that it was obvious; he had been masking his difficulties and had been managing quite well up to that point.

Jonathon began to feel very isolated and depressed and one Sunday told his mum his life was not worth living anymore and that he wanted to die. He did not want to go to school anymore and he was terribly upset and sad.

His mother told him straight away not to worry about school she was going to call her GP and get him a note to say he was not mentally well enough to go to school. This was on our advice. From then on, he was taught at home by the local authority home schooling team until such a time that a full and complete assessment of his needs had taken place.

Unfortunately, the paperwork was not strong enough for his case and the local authority denied him the help and support he desperately needed.

Eventually after many months of being out of school he not only got his diagnosis of Dyslexia but one from the CHAMS team of School Phobia. His family eventually took the local Authority to tribunal for refusing to give Jonathon a statement of SEN and won their case on a point of law to get him a statement of educational needs.

Jonathon eventually return to school on a part time timetable after 2 years with the local outreach team, he gained his Gcses and went to college where he studied for four years to get a level 3 qualification. We Helped his family many times along the way and are immensely proud of the young man he had now become.

His mother said she will always be indebted to us for the help and support and guidance that she received from the SENFSG as we not only saved his life but gave him a future with current qualifications and a career path to follow.

Case Study Sheryl

Sheryl mum contacted us in tears, her daughter was 13 years old and

Was pregnant. Sheryl had Special needs and needed a lot of family support and guidance

Not only to help her understand what was happening to her changing body but what was going to happen to her soon. We introduced Sheryl’s mother to a specialist social worker trained to work with SEN people in this situation.

We helped and guidance enabling social services to give Sheryl’s mother the help she needs to be able to formally adopt the baby when it was born.

Sheryl was offered funding and a place on a specialist course for young mums so she could help her mum

Look after her baby when it was born. We help both mother and daughter apply for the correct benefits that they would be entitled to and continued to offer support and guidance to both once the baby was born.

Sheryl went back to school to study when the baby was born, her mother adopted the baby but lived with Sheryl too.  We helped Stacey claim Personal Independence Payment, and we also helped her mother to claim Carer’s allowance for looking after Sheryl.

We helped them move to a bigger council property to so that they had a bedroom for the baby and one for Sheryl.

Sheryl is now attending secondary school and planning on what she want to do for her future. The baby is now three and all of the family are happy and settled.

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Dear Marsha


I would like to thank your organisation for the recent help and advice that you gave me with regards to my son Kelvin and my request for his statement to be amended and his transfer to a small specialist class. Your help was invaluable, by pointing me in the right direction, explaining how to go about things and who to contact.


Yours is a valuable service for which I am indebted.


Kind regards.


Jackie Windrush


we will always be indepted to Marsha and her team at SENFSG, for their help and support for our son. 

Kind Regards

Julie Swiftless


Working alongside Marsha as a volunteer has given me a massive insite into how  People with additional needs fall through the net. SENFSG are just amazing at catching these  people and getting them on the right track.


Case Study 2021

My name is Hope and I come from a background of broken relationships and childhood abuse the SEN-FSG come into my life when I was only 15years old, I lived in cemeteries, and I slept on trams.

Peter from the charity provide me with a huge amount of support and practical help.

 I been impressed by my positive interventions.

I know I can trust them – they help me with therapy and my benefit advice, The very best of all they got me a small bedsit. Where I am safe now - my mental health has improved. I learnt lots of new skills including managing my own money and take care of myself. 

 I am in paid employment now and volunteer at the charity.


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 and support anfd 

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