All parliamentary group on SEND Report 2021

The SEN-FSG families support group as had an important input into this report which has highlighted how worried the desperate, parents, grandparents, carers, and foster parents also the young people themselves. Their worries and fears and their aspirations all show an immense disappointment and a feeling of being invisible and worrying for their future.

They have been very brave to put down on paper how they felt invisible and forgotten and that they received no formal education except perhaps once a week a telephone call if they were lucky enough to have credit on their phones. Unfortunately, many thousands do not.

No telephone, no Internet, no iPhones, no tablet, no electricity, no computers. All these items are missing meaning that the children cannot be in contact with their educators.

 These are all school aged of children very four years old the 20 years old.

The lucky ones who were in the minority periodically were contacted by there designated named teacher or mentor from their school or colleges.  If once a month they were able to put some credit on their parents’ phones usually £5 to last the full month, then some educators can have a brief conversation with those pupils.

We have heard of other schools that provided education programmes. laptop computers and online learning programmes and with encouragement from teachers and college lecturers and they have gone above and beyond what would have been expected.

We are now asking families to provide us with that evidence and their positive or negative experiences/experience?

The report that we put together will be shared with the Shadow Minister for Education and her colleagues, also local authorities, and chief executives
We will also publish our findings our websites and our other social media platforms such as Facebook.

 Some of the cases will be anonymised as that may identify families’ children and young people who have given their responses to the report

Find the APPG SEND Report here:

(Click on the link and scroll down to find the link to the report.)

National Strategy For Disabled People Survey

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Today the Disability Unit has launched a public survey to gather views and experiences for the National Strategy of Disabled People.

Please follow the link Below to complete the survey. 

National Strategy for Disabled People survey - GOV.UK (

UK Disability Survey - Disability Unit - Citizen Space 

This is an important survey to gather the opionions of Disabled people across the country.

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