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We are an independent impartial support network.

Some of our services include:


Practical support  Advocacy  Mediation   Guidance   Outreach Service 


Education  Therapy  Forum Events    Inclusion activities


Community Resources  Drop-in Surgeries   Raising Awareness.


Social Fund Training

Telephone Helplines    

Volunteer Opportunities




We are proud to have been “ nominated for The Queens Award for voluntary services"


Following over a 30 years of outstanding delivery of services, we have been recognised for this prestige and unique award.

We were independently of the charity nominated by non-partisan people and services of:  Young people - Families -Carer's - Voluntary organisations - Statutory services also other representatives.

We are immensely proud to have met the rigorous criteria that following an index audit by the Queens award deputies that concluded our outstanding continuity and excellent consistent service delivery

Door to Door High court officials SCAM

Please be aware that there are individuals knocking on doors pretending to be High Court enforcement officers. These individuals are very convincing. They have all the correct court paperwork and the correct ID badges. When they ask you to call the number on their documents you are put through to what you believe to be the high court. You can then negotiate how much you can afford to pay back on your debt. However, the debt doesn’t exist and the phone number on the letter is part of the scam. Once you have given your card details as payment for what they say you owe they take that amount out or more from your bank account


Always look up who you are supposed to call on the internet or via other means and dial that number instead. That way you won’t get caught out. Or alternatively if your not sure call the police.

The Trustees and Volunteers have also been awarded Level 1 POQSSO Quality Mark's. This is a Quality Assurance system, it sets out a charities professionalism demonstrating that we have in place stable outstanding governance practices financial risk management procedures and a robust system for measuring outcomes.

This Means By achieving the PSQSSO Level 1 mark the SENFSG have successfully demonstrated qualities suchs as:

sound governance-leadership and management-well planned user centred services which are monitored well.

Robust financial procedures

Working well within our team as well as with other organisations. Focusing on learning and development. 

Our Vision
Our Mission


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