Our Vision, Our Mission


To improve the  lives of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities , they should be free from poverty, abuse, and discrimination.

Our mission is to help those children and young people in our community living with or affected by SEN transform their lives and fulfill their potential.


Special Educational Needs Families Support Group Ltd (SEN-FSG) is an independent guidance and support network for families, carers, young people and children affected by the issues and challenges of living with Special Educational Needs and  disabilities 




We were formed out of necessity over  30  years ago by parents, grandparents, and people with special needs and disabilities 


It’s sad to say but our services are in more demand each year. We are unique because we have  experienced at first hand the discrimination and complexity of fighting to access services and help that children and young people are entitled to in law the legislation has become so complexed that its increasingly harder to navigate  .


Parents have told us 

When they  have a child with special educational needs or disability it sometimes seems like your child is  a new species  just landed from an unknown universe . You may become overwhelmed with the numbers of services and different people that enter into your families lives bombarding you with Jordan.  Your child becomes a diagnosis no longer your precious individual that you see and know . Help  may be required for your children to access service that can meet there unique requirement however always remember that they are your children  have the right to be partners and involved in planning and decision-making that relates to your child and family.     

Special Educational Needs Families  Support Group is committed to supporting you and your child with guidance's, understanding that is practical also signposting . 

Our charity services are confidential and not part of any statuary services  

Charity Number 1055954 Ltd 03170127 

Community Engagement


Guidance  & information

Call the Special Educational Needs Families  Support Group - our helpline number is 0161 755 3482or email office@senfsg.com 

Awareness & Understanding

Special Educational Needs is a force for change and works to remove the barriers families face every day.

Reducing Isolation

We can provide assistance to understand your child's special educational need or disabilities. 


For expert advice contact a solicitor 

Give us a call:

0161-755-3482 or Email office@senfsg.com