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Vision and Mission Statement

Special Educational Needs Families Support Group was established the by  parents & carers, young people also grandparents the charity was created out of necessity and need

It is true to say that after over 30 years there is still the same need for our independent services.

For every family or child that we help there is always a large number of potential clients waiting to use the service. 

We are now supporting a second generation of past clients, and even their grandchildren.

This is because we have a reputation of being efficient accessible offering quality services in times of greatest need.

We have an effective board of directors which undertake their responsibilities very seriously, in-line with our legal obligations.

We are driven by our clients changing needs and the passion to work with them intensely to improve there quality of life.

Partnership working.

SEN-FSG has extensive experience of partnership working at a local, regional and national level and has consulted widely with agencies and clients during the development of projects


Small example of partnership with

  • Statutory agencies, local authorities, LEAs, housing departments - private landlords - all health services including CAMHS.

  • Police, social service, faith groups schools, DWP, solicitors, Refugees youth services and youth offending teams.

  • Children's trusts, foster carers, CAB’s, connexions, faith groups, the traveller community and schools.



We are unique in our approach; we can together make real positive changes. We are available seven days a week. We do not close for holidays. We have been involved in changing local and national policy’s and services.

We are driven by experiences to improve the outcomes for children - young people- individuals and families in need , at the same time empowering clients to be independent and believing in their own self worth.

We run locally based projects across the region delivered from community venues accessible to our clients ( i.e. home visiting- hostels – refugees , children’s centres, outside spaces  and community venues

SEN-FSG also champions children's rights, pursuing a range of influencing and campaigning activities. Our work has changed  Government and authorities and service policy and practice Though  providing evidence of need – experiences -  in depth knowledge gained from research and our experiences working with some of the most vulnerable children and people in need.

Give us a call:
0161-755-3482 or Email 

WhatsApp 07990594060 or you can text or give us a call.

In addition to the above we identified services and projects through Independent consultation , we are planning  to develop the following improvements and additional services:

  • Extended helpline service provision - We are looking to increase the helpline opening hours and are actively seeking sponsorship to recruit 6  new volunteers and a part-time telephone manager.


  • Which directly with 30 young adults and people with learning difficulties and  Mental health conditions that require intensive teaching and learning programmes focusing on the personal requirements .


  • Practical Young Parenting Skills - This programme helps build positive relationships, enabling people to manage their own finances and to prevent children becoming harmed. Fully designed and documented, this programme is ready to deliver but will require separate funding.


  • Focus on Early Intervention: We are looking to provide early, focused and intense intervention and support to young parents by recruiting five volunteers and training them to deliver small support groups in community centres with the aim of supporting 30 new families each year. Again the programme is designed but requires funding support.


In the longer term we are investigating the design and development of Integrated Play Facilities. Delivered either at the client’s home - in community premises this offering is designed to encourage children to understand each other’s difficulties and to accept each other’s differences.Children will learn new skills, including social integration, communicating through different media, sign language, PECs books, art therapy, performing arts. Again the delivery of this will be dependent on our ability to raise appropriate funds.



SEN-FSG works in an open accountable system that supports all



Our Vision to improve the lives of marginalised-children-young people-families carers by empowering them with knowledge, teaching, guidance and information. This may reduce-isolation-exclusions-poverty-abuse and discrimination. 

Our Mission is to help those children and young people in our community living with or affected by SEN transform their lives and fulfil their potential.

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