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Every little helps

Your donation will got towards helping desperate people in need.

Please pledge your financial support today.

To provide nutritious food-toiletries-thermos flasks-torches-warm clothing and essential items.

Contact us on

0161-755-3482 or 07990594060

Stressed Woman

Together we can make a real difference between perishing or surviving. There has been a significant increase in suicides and self harm recently in England and Wales among vulnerable family members.

These people have become overwhelmed with fear and anxiety because they are unable to pay for everyday items. There financial incomes cannot stretch due to the country's increasing economic crisis. Babies, children, young adults and their families, including the elderly contact us with the most harrowing circumstances. including disconnection from utility services, suffering from malnutrition or being forced into unsuitable or unfit accommodation. More and more landlords are having to serve eviction orders as they need to sell their properties, and social housing is unable to provide suitable emergency suitable accommodation.

A Hug
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