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Your entire gift will be spent in the UK helping children and families in need.

Families who have children and young people with special needs often deal with similar challenges. They may have concerns about education, services, therapies, respite and other issues directly related to their child. With your help the Special Educational Needs Families Support Group in the UK.

Sponsor A Child to day by  calling us on  0161 755 3482 or  Email calling we will provide you with the information you need to support us . 

What your donation will help to pay for!  

  • Families will access to a confidential telephone helpline

  • Impartial information and guidance around SEN issues

  • Support in preparing for and attending meetings with service providers 

  • Helping with filling in forms and writing letters/reports to support children with SEN and disabilities 

  • Initial support in resolving disagreements with a child’s school , social service or othere agencies  

  • Contact details for other statutory and voluntary services

  • links to local parent support groups and forums

  • The chance for parents and young people  to submit there  views, which will help inform and influence local policy and practice

  • Training opportunities